Steven Petagumskum, Sold 75$
Leslie Dick
Paul Kawapit
Jeannie Mamianskum, Sold $100
Elijah Sheshamush
Adrian Natachequan, Winner
2001-2002 CSB Art Exhibition
This is our school, in the
central aera. On the left, the
kindergarden and the arena.
Next to the arena, the
Whapmagoostui Band
Council. Across the street,
the Tommy Masty Memorial
Hall. On the far left, the
Kuujjuarapik Gym and on
the back, the  Hudson Bay.
Rachel Salt
Losty Kawapit
Elijah George, Sold $125
Doreen George, Sold 100$
Sheila Rupert, Gift
Ann-Marie Masty
Pasha Abraham, Sold 100$
Ceramic Plaques Collection
Lucie Mamianskum
Catherine Sheshamush