This is the ceramic mural we realized to
commemorate the new millenium. The circle is a
symbolic figure; it represents the unity of the
Cree Nation.
We wanted to celebrate our leaders. So, we  
painted the portraits of the grand chief and  the
deputy chief  in the central area. With them,
children who represent the future generation.  
Around, we  depicted the day and night cycle of
the Great Whale River. On the edge, we
painted portraits of the 9 community chiefs. It
took two years to complete the monument.
The mural's  diameter is about 2 meters and it's  
made of over 200 ceramic tiles. We worked on
portrait studies and sent letters to the 9 community
chiefs to gather their pictures. Many thanks to all,
specially Chiefs Reggie Mark, George Wapachee,
Paul Gull and Kenny Loon for their good words of
encouragement. Mr. Brian Faubert, an architec,
designed a support which allowed us to take  the
mural  to the
First Peoples' Festival and orginazed
an official unveilling ceremony, June 17, 2001.
The monument was unveilled during the Class of
2000-2001 graduation. On the left, Mr. Robby Masty
was representing the Whapmagoostui Band Council.
The monument was installed in the school's
auditorium on September 2001
The making of a Monument