Bio-Art  Projects: Biology 534
The Brain and the Spinal Cord by Diana Natachequan
The Animal Cell
by Elijah Sheshamush
The Eye by Marcella George
The Whale by Ann-Marie Masty
Man's jaw- Ape's jaw and the Tooth by Leslie Dick
Cast of a trilobite fossil and mold of a plant by Paul Kawapit
Inside the Womb: A tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci
Ann-Marie Masty and Marcella George
One hour
Two weeks
Three months
Nine months
Endangered Species Project
The Bears by Benjamin Monger
An Eco-system by Pasha Abraham
The Sabertoothed and the Tricerop by Adrian Natachequan
Aboriginal Science Fair 2003- Second Place Award
Bone structure of the wing
by Clarence Natachequan
Inspired by this famous
sketch from Leonardo,
students produced a
model to represent the
evolution of the embrio.