Shake Project: To be or not to be


In this project, you will study the famous Hamlet speech. You will analyze the historical aspect of both
emotions and values carried by the message. Each of you will do her-his interpretation that will be
recorded for evaluation. Finally, you will write and perform your response to Hamlet.  


1. Lets watch
Kenneth Branagh's performance.

2. First reading and peers' evaluation.

3. Understanding the meanings with the
Resource Center.

4. History of Hamlet's "Soliloquy".

Task: Search data on the subject. Your objective is to gather information on the interpretation of 5
different actors through time and compare the reaction of critics. Find out how has evolved the public's

5. Make a Power Point to present your research. ( 12 slides )

6. Watching your productions and sharing comments.

7. Second reading and video recording.  

8. Writing your response to Hamlet; do you agree or not and why?

9. Performing your answer and peers' evaluation.

10. Surprise! Could Prince Hamlet be a

11. Compare this
performance with Branagh's, explain what makes them different.

12 . Save your work in a folder called To be + your name, zip it and gmail to me.
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