Wachiya and welcome to our website! We are Cree
students who graduated from Badabin Eeyou School.
Whapmagoostui is located at the mouth of the Great
Whale River, on the Hudson Bay, north of the 55th
parallel in Quebec, Canada. We are over 700 crees living
side by side with around 500 inuits and 150
non-aboriginals. That's why our village is also called
Kuujjuarapik, Poste de la Baleine and Great Whale
River. This cohabitation is unique in the Nunavik. The
WAF was an art studio and a coop, we did ceramic and
pottery. We had a kiln and electric wheels. We designed
dish sets, ceramic plaques, clocks, traditional figurines,
tea pots,  sacred pipes and ceramic murals.We also had a
division called the Circus Factory.
In 1999, the project came first at the Concours des Prix
Essor and in 2002 it was awarded The First Nations
Business Association Prize. We were among the first who
used a shopping portal on the Internet. We invite you to
visit our website, enjoy!
Congratulations to the Journey of Nishiyuu's
awesome achievement ! Click
here for details.
On March 31st 2021, Yahoo will stop supporting Site
Builder. This means that we won't be able to make
updates anymore. The website will be available to share
good memories. We will try to create a new site but it
might take a while. Wishing you all the best.